Ghost Tours of Catalina wins Top 10 Best in USA!

The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina wins Top 10 Best in USA award following several weeks of nation-wide polls. Tour owners Ian & Patrick Alexander are excited about the win!  Read what they have to say here on the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce website’s release, “Local Ghost Tour Best in US.”  The win places the company at #10 on the list of “Best Ghost Tours” in the country.  The Ghost Tours of Catalina is proud to be the only company not just in California but on the entire West Coast to make the list.  The win comes following years of operating on Catalina Island as the best night time attraction.

The Ghost Tours of Catalina entertains guests with stories of ghostly haunting’s, unexplained mysteries, and occasionally encounters paranormal activity.  It is an awesome way for families visiting the Island to share an evening together full of fun and scary times.  The tour operates year round nightly at 8:00 PM lasting just over 1 Hour.  The stories told by the Original Ghost Tours is very much based on local history!

Ghost Tours of Catalina Based on local stories!

The Ghost Tours of Catalina has always had a goal to make local Catalina Island history entertaining and relevant to vacationers by using captivating stories.  It is an awesome demonstration of “Vernacular History;” meaning we our a public, local entity focusing on the retelling of local stories.  It’s History, but not a standardized History that you might expect from a Wikipedia explanation of Catalina Island.  Remaining true to this concept allows us to produce an attraction that is extremely unique.

Friendly Local Tour Guides

The fearless leader of the Original Ghost Tours of Catalina has primarily been Constance Garcia.  She has been with the Ghost Tours almost since its beginnings over 5 years ago.  An awesome story teller and vast holder of local knowledge, she has transformed a 1 Hour Walking Tour into a nation-wide sensation!  She is assisted by tour guides Mason Sanchez and Cory Cowper along with Booking & Sales Manager Jessica Herzog.  The team has created a local team of friendly hosts that produce an awesome experience for visitors to Catalina Island.  Feel free to stop by our website here, and book a tour for yourself to see what all the rave is about!

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