Catalina Ghost Tours Overview

Embark on an Adventure

The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina ™ will provide you with an experience you will never forget. Our fun-filled tours will help you get in touch with the historic background of the surrounding Avalon community while bringing you just a breath away from the land of the supernatural. Call to make a reservation at our tour center in Avalon, California, at (310) 928-1309 to reserve a spot on one of our ghost tours.

Walking Tours like No Other

The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina ™ offers 1-hour walking tours through Avalon on Catalina Island. During these tours, we will discuss the rich background of this historical locale and provide a chilling overview of the paranormal activity that occurs in local haunted places when the spirits grow restless. Contact us today to schedule your next heart-pounding ghost tour—if you’re brave enough, that is.

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Experienced Ghost  Guides
At The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina ™, we have been offering exhilarating paranormal tours of the surrounding area since early 2009. During this time, we have met our fair share of spiritual visitors from the other side. Additionally, our team is comprised of only locals that have lived on Catalina and experienced paranormal activity for more than 30 years. Avalon will always have a special place in our hearts for its unique atmosphere and rich historical background.

How We Started
For many years, Avalon has been immersed in stories of supernatural activities. The lost souls that wander this locale have long since called this city their home, and they don’t appear to be moving along anytime soon. We established The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina ™, so we could share the rich cultural background of this historic city with courageous individuals from all over the world. We have since gone on to found Tour Catalina which offers guests an all encompassing Catalina Island vacation. Join us today to experience a tour like no other.

Authentic Sightings
At The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina ™,  every ghost story we tell is steeped in historical accuracy and verifiable facts. Nothing is ever made up or invented solely for the sake of entertainment; it’s all 100% real. Our stories are based on our own experiences and on reports that have been verified by at least 5 local sources.

Visitors, Psychics, Paranormal Investigators and Thrill Seekers from Every Corner of the Globe Welcomed!