The Haunting of the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel

Catalina Island has long been known for its beautiful beaches and iconic, relaxing charm. However, there is also a dark side to Catalina Island; a side that is plagued with ghostly stories and rumors of other worldly beings. One of Catalina Island’s most haunted locations is an exuberant mansion turned traveler lodging: The Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel.

Originally a home to famed Western author, Zane Grey, the Native-American styled structure built in 1926 overlooks Avalon Bay. If you are not familiar with Grey he is the author of some 80+ western theme novels that tells stories of frontier days. Zane Grey enjoyed his Catalina Island home for 13 years before passing away in October of 1939 from heart failure at his Altadena, California home. Although he enjoyed his Altadena home, he had a very fond connection with the Catalina pueblo. He was President of the Tuna Club of Avalon, a very prestigious fishing congregation that had many men of great stature including: Charlie Chaplin, President Herbert Hoover, and General George S. Patton.

It is believed that Zane Grey still walks the path from his Catalina pueblo to the famed Tuna Club of Avalon. Many rumors speak of Grey as a womanizer who was very fond of hitting on women that tanned on the sunny beaches. The haunting stories speak of this ghostly figure as targeting women and sometimes grabbing at their backsides. He is has been seen as a full bodied apparition often standing or walking on the Via Casino walkway.

In recent months the ghostly haunting of Zane Grey has been vastly intensified following the remodeling of his pueblo to an even larger hotel. After years of operating as a rather small, bed and breakfast styled hotel, the Zane Grey Pueblo was been bought by Chinese investors who have plans of expanding the operations. What has ensued is an explosive force of spiritual presence at the property. Everything from footsteps walking in public spaces to noises of writing late at night. Catalina Island is forever changing, but there is one thing that won’t change: the spirits that call the island paradise home.

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